Why the DANDELION was created on planet earth (#069)

In springtime flowering dandelions turn the fields yellow. Have you ever taken a close look at how this very special plant grows and flowers? This plant was sent with a message from heaven a long long time ago. This message was considered to be so important that to this day you will come across these flowers in nearly every corner of the world. Listen to the story of an ancient message which was honoured by the creation of the dandelion:


Long long ago there was nothing. And everything. From the Big Bang came the universe. The original unity disintegrated into separate parts and so the universe started expanding  out into space. From the embryonic totality planets began to take shape, including our planet earth. From the harmony of the newly created world more and more distinct parts formed – such as air, water, earth and later on plants, animals and finally human beings. Initially humans lived in a closely knit group in harmony with the elements. As time passed increasingly smaller loosely connected units developed along with a sense of distance towards the natural world. Gradually people forgot that everything is always connected to everything and began to think of themselves as superior to the plants and the animals. And that God was also superfluous – a big mistake. Thereupon the world was flooded by endless rain and everyone drowned except for a handful of people and animals.

When finally the water levels started to drop and the earth began to flourish once more, heaven sent a symbol to earth so that never again would people forget that everything on earth comes from one universe. That everything is connected with everything; and that everyone and everything has an important and irreplaceable role to play in the whole.

The symbol sent from heaven was a new plant – the dandelion. Take a careful look at the different forms the plant takes on and you will recognize the following:

The flower symbolizes the shining sun.
The clock symbolizes the full moon.
The parachutes symbolize the stars.


Stories about worldwide flooding, the Deluge, date back one to two hundred thousand years ago or so and are probably among the oldest tales passed on. We come across stories like this in every culture. Here in the west the Christian version describes Noah’s Ark. The dandelion can be seen as a symbol of our ecosystem. Each part has an essential part to play in the whole. A flower produces honey, an insect eats honey and pollinates the flower which in turn produces seeds or fruit. The seeds, fruit and flies are in turn eaten by the birds and mammals, who in turn are responsible for another cycle. For people and animals the leaves of the dandelion are a vitamin-rich vegetable.